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Please find below a selection of directory links with website partners from the automotive sector:

Blackvue UK/EU Distributor - In Car cameras
BlackVue Vehicle Video Recorders are intended to provide you with a safe driving experience. These are complete in car dash camera solutions with clever features that ensure you the best possible video play back for the driver.  

Pogo GPS - Road Angel Pogo
Pogo GPS Formally known as Origin Technologies - Leaders in GPS based Camera Detection systems and Satellite Navigation Technology. The New Pogo Alert and Pogo Drive are there latest units avaliable .

Cheetah GPS - C50
The Cheetah Range warns you in advance about speed camera locations and high risk accident zones.
Using the Cheetah GPS range such as the C50 will make you more aware of your speed, your surroundings and approaching road hazards. You'll know where to watch out for red light runners or drivers slamming on their brakes unexpectedly. And if you are distracted for any reason (mobile phone, kids, changing radio stations, etc) the safety alerts will focus your attention back onto the road when you need it most.
Please view the dedicated Cheetah GPS website

Snooper UK
Snooper - Performance products specialise in the GPS based saystems. There satellite systems are award winning with models such as the s600 Plus and the new S2000 camera detection and navigation systems.

Road Angel UK - Road Angel Gem
A leader in new generation of driver safety systems with there range consisting of the road angel professional and road angel professional connected and the navigator 9000 these are the first GPRS based systrems with antomatic camera updates.

Mi Witness - Dashboad Camera

The new 'Mi Witness HD' Vehicle CCTV Accident Recording System.
The perfect solution for disputing false accident claims, and video of road rage & crash for cash.

The New Mi Witness HD Vehicle CCTV Accident Recording System has been designed to provide all drivers with total protection against fraudulent insurance claims on our roads; The Mi Witness HD system will continuously record your journey.

Mi Witness HD logs video & audio, braking, acceleration, G-force, and your GPS Location. Mi-Witness HD range is completely legal. The driver will have undisputed evidence of an incident and proving direct proof whose fault it was.

In Car Camera Systems

In Car Camera Systems we specialise in various solutions such as vehicle camera driver protection system with GPS and G-force data logging.
Prevent Insurance Fraud | Protect Your No Claims Bonus | Protect Your vehicle | Lorries | Taxi | Company Vans | Ideal For Track Days | Motorbikes | Boats | Extreme Sport, Black Box for vehicles, our range of products records driving status and when the car accident occurs, it saves the recording data from before and after the accident as a video & Audio file into a SD Memory Card.

Tramigo GPS
The very latest in portable GPRS tracking solutions for all types of markets. The Tramigo T22 Tramigo product allows consumers to track the location and manage their vehicle with their mobile phone and be notified when unexpected events such as a kidnapping, accident or break-in occur. Our product is positioned as the next generation car alarm - silent with features that are useful every day, not just when a theft is attempted.

Trackstick GPS
Trackstick is a tiny GPS recorder intended as a low cost alternative to real time tracking devices. Tracksticks are GPS data loggers capable of continuously recording their own location histories for extended periods of time. The Trackstick Pro can be hard wired, covertly installed or run off of the included cigarette lighter plug. It is the perfect solution for companies and individuals looking for a way to track, record and validate the location of anything that moves. As with all of Telespial Systems products, the Trackstick Pro, Super Trackstick and the Trackstick 2 integrate seamlessly into Google Earth for unrivaled mapping and use worldwide.

Novus GPS
The very latest Products from Novus GPS formally Known as Talex GPS. The range has 3 new units the Novus Alpha - Novus GPS Rider and Novus Delta. Prices start from as little as £69.95 to the top of the range unit the Novus Alpha at £149.

TomTom Navigation Systems
The very latest Products from Tom Tom. Including the brand new TomTom G0 LIVE Worldwide Sat Nav range. for the latest news and offers please visit:

TTW Partners Limited
Sell very latest Speed Camera detector equipment and sat nav systems such as Tom Tom, Garmin,Snooper, nav man. Road Angel, pogo gps, roadpilot, novus systems and more...