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When your workforce is out and about, it can be difficult to retain control of your day-to-day operations. TomTom has solved this problem with TomTom WEBFLEET, an online application that enables you to manage your fleet, 24 hours a day, from any PC. There's no software to install. Just open TomTom WEBFLEET through a web browser and you can manage your entire field operation from the comfort of your desk.

Easy to use
The intuitive interface, clear structure and logically grouped features make TomTom WEBFLEET very easy to use. You can assign icons to different vehicle types, and get an overview of different groups of vehicles. The position of each vehicle is automatically updated on the map. And because TomTom WEBFLEET is a subscription service, you get all maps and upgrades as and when you need them.

We understand that you need reliable, 24-hour access to your fleet management application and complete security at all times. So rest assured. TomTom WEBFLEET has an excellent uptime record and can only be accessed through a secure online account using your personal ID and password. That's why the TomTom WEBFLEET service is trusted by more than 10,000 business customers managing over 125,000 vehicles around the world.

With TomTom WEBFLEET, everything you need to manage your commercial vehicles is right there, at your fingertips. You can monitor response times and driving/idling ratios, get efficiency reports for the last quarter, send text messages or re-route a driver with just a few key strokes. And because it's a web-based application, there are no in-house IT costs to worry about, either. How smart is that?

WEBFLEET - Benefits
TomTom WEBFLEET helps your business to stay ahead. You can make the best business decisions with reliable and real-time information from your business on the road. Helping you to make the right choices to positively affect your service, productivity, cost or green credentials.

Cost control
When you're running a dynamic operation, communication is key. But it can also be expensive. With TomTom WEBFLEET, you get the tools you need to control your communication costs and more. You can send text messages and order details straight to your drivers' TomTom devices, saving on mobile phone bills. Send the nearest person to a new job to optimise journey times. Use working time reporting tools to identify unnecessary extra hours. And monitor private mileage and driving behaviour, to see where other savings could be made.

There are so many things you need to account for in your business, to comply with legal directives, tax requirements, insurance obligations and more. With TomTom WEBFLEET, all the information you need is there, at your fingertips. You can show how many hours each driver has worked in line with working time directives. Provide accurate mileage accounting to reduce the amount you're charged in road tax or private vehicle usage. And keep your customers satisfied by running a smart operation that meets their service level agreements.

We know you need to keep your customers satisfied, because your reputation will soon suffer if you don't. With TomTom WEBFLEET, you'll be able to deliver the fastest, most reliable service every time. It gives you real-time information on the status of every job, the location of each vehicle and local traffic conditions so you can always send the nearest, fastest available driver. And, thanks to the HD Traffic® and IQ Routes® technology on TomTom devices, you can impress customers with a very accurate arrival time, too.

There are never enough hours in the day - so you need to make each one count. The sophisticated functions in TomTom WEBFLEET help you to complete more jobs with the same number of people and considerably less stress. The real-time job status updates allow you to spot when action is needed to keep a delivery on track. Pre-defined addresses help your drivers navigate faster to the right location. Clear text communications reduce the risk of errors, while live traffic updates keep your drivers out of jams. So there's less driver downtime and more billable time as a result.

In these days of corporate social responsibility, your green credentials are an important part of your public image. With TomTom WEBFLEET, you can take care of the environment while cutting your costs, too. You can schedule jobs more efficiently, reducing the mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance costs and fuel-related taxes for each vehicle. It gives you at-a-glance information on the driving style, carbon footprint and idle time of every vehicle, too. So you can see where time and energy are being wasted and take steps to promote a safer, greener driving style.


TomTom WEBFLEET is designed to make your working life easier. Everything you need is only a click away.

Smart technology
Improved efficiency and productivity
Clear and accurate reporting
Always connected to your people on the road
Up to date maps
Easy integration

WEBFLEET Specifications
The TomTom WEBFLEET application is available through the TomTom website. You can access the application using any operating system (including Windows, MAC OS and Linux) and any browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Mozilla that supports Flash content.

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