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TomTom Truck Navigation for GO Range on SD Card. Western and Central Europe (V3 Latest Version)

The TomTom Go Truck Software - Dedicated Truck/HGV Navigation Software
TomTom Truck Software
Designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles, the TomTom GO Truck brings the latest navigation innovations so you can drive your business forward.

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This software upgrade will work on the following TomTom units: SD card is available for upgrades on the GO 520, GO 720, GO 920, GO 530, GO 730, GO 930 and GO 7000.

"Counterfeit Products Warning"
Due to the recent discovery of counterfeit/ Grey Import TomTom products being sold on auction/online websites, we strongly recommend that TomTom products are purchased from an Official UK TomTom Authorised Supplier. All units supplied from are Guaranteed to be 100% Genuine UK TomTom models, in addition to this all units supplied are the latest 2012 models preloaded with the latest available software unless otherwise stated and are supplied with full manufacturers warranty, back up and product support. "

Diversions, rerouting and size restrictions: every day your drivers face a bewildering number of challenges to get the goods through.
Any one can delay delivery - putting your drivers under pressure
and leaving your customers dissatisfied. Until now, navigation devices haven’t really taken the needs of truck drivers into consideration. Slower, wider, heavier, taller, longer - route planning for bigger vehicles needs to be different.

With TomTom WORK, it is.
TomTom WORK uses smarter navigation to plan better routes for your drivers. They are less likely to get stuck, delayed or drive unnecessary distances – meaning efficient journeys and accurate scheduling.

Save Time & Money by taking the smartest route

TomTom Go 7000 Truck NavigationThe TomTom GO
TRUCK Software gets your fleet to their destination the smart way. No matter whether your drivers are at home or
abroad, TomTom WORK takes into account:
• the lower speeds of trucks on all roads
• sharp angles that trucks find difficult
• that trucks prefer left turns to right turns, for safety
• access restrictions for trucks based on weight and dimensions
Dimensional and weight restrictions are currently available
on the major and interconnecting roads in Austria, Belgium,
France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the Great Britain. With the GO 7000 TRUCK delays are minimal and your drivers avoid clocking up excessive mileages due to unexpected restrictions.
Make your own map corrections**
Block streets for trucks
* Height
* Length
* Width
* Weight
* Weight per axle
* Load restriction

Designed for Commercial Applications - Better Service

Designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles, the TomTom GO Truck brings the latest navigation innovations so you can drive your business forward. Including TomTom Map Share technology, theTomTom Go 7000 Truck Navigation TomTom GO Truck Software allows drivers to make instant updates to their maps and to share these updates with the online TomTom community. The device also features new Map Share functionality, which allows truck drivers to make
corrections to their map by adding or changing access restrictions for roads based on dimension and weight. No one likes waiting for a delivery. With truck navigation you can give your customers a far more realistic arrival time based on maximum allowed speed. Taking access restrictions into your planning avoids last minute changes and detours. The result? Less stressed drivers and happier customers.
Arrive on time by avoiding unnecessary delays
Provide a realistic ETA on real measured speeds and maximum allowed speed for your vehicle

Keep Drivers safe too

Driving with a navigation device is safer as it takes the stress out
of route-finding and allows your drivers to focus on the road ahead.
The more advanced features of TomTom WORK also mean your
drivers will be able to:
avoid areas where the size of their vehicle
might make manoeuvring hazardous
comply with local regulations on route
However, always pay attention to traffic signs relating to the
vehicle’s dimensions and weight.

TomTom is powered by Tele Atlas Quality Maps

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