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TomTom TRUCKER 5000 - 2015/16 Model -

TomTom 5000 Trucker pro

Bringing flexibility and power to your trucks

  • Lifetime Truck Maps - Always drive with the latest truck map
    at no extra cost.
  • Truck Routing - Truck-specific routing based on size, weight,
    cargo and speed.
  • TomTom Traffic for 1 Year - Receive TomTom Traffic across
    Europe with unlimited data and roaming at no extra cost for
    one year. Thereafter TomTom Traffic can be purchased via
  • 5” Fully Interactive Screen - Simply pinch, zoom and swipe
    the interactive map to explore more of the world around you.
  • Click & Go Mount - Dock

Free Next Day 24h Delivery (Insured)
Free LifeTime Truck Map Updates
Free 12 months TomTom Live Services for HD Traffic
Free 12 Months Speed camera Updates

Free Hard Case

Latest 2015 Model - TRUCKER 5000 UK/EU Version
UK Authorised Supplier For TomTom Truck Range


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Price includes this added service:
'Tech Support' - direct with us on this device, we handle the support issues for you, if you have any problems or a warranty claim.

Please call 01159 599 995 to order over the phone or online.

Best-in-class navigation technology - TomTom TRUCKER 5000

The perfect companion for your mobile workforce, TomTom PRO is designed to help drivers

work smarter. And a more flexible workforce means happy customers.

TomTom PRO gives you:

• More efficient use of time on the road

• An easier life on the road for your drivers

• Better informed office staff for smarter decision-making

Designed for professional use, the TomTom PRO range can be used as standalone navigational

TomTom TRUCKER 6000- 2015 Model- 2015 Model

European truck map Truck-specific routes across Europe.

  • TomTom Traffic
    Always know the fastest way to your customers.

  • Interactive Map
    Put the world at your drivers’ fingertips.

  • Lifetime Maps
    Ensures your fleet always drives with the latest map.

  • 3D Maps
    Your drivers will always know exactly where they are.

  • Access restrictions
    For dimension, weight and hazardous materials.

  • IQ Routes
    The fastest routes and most accurate ETAs.

  • QuickGPSfix
    Your drivers can start navigating in seconds.

  • Advanced Lane Guidance
    Extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.

Best-in-class navigation technology

TomTom Traffic* Always know the fastest way to your customers.

Interactive Map Put the world at your drivers’ fingertips.

Lifetime Maps Ensures your fleet always drives with the latest map.

3D Maps Your drivers will always know exactly where they are.

IQ Routes The fastest routes and the most accurate ETAs.

QuickGPSfix Your drivers can start navigating within seconds.

Advanced Lane Guidance Extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.

LIVE Services including HD Traffic

TomTom TRUCKER 5000- 2015 Model

Get one year FREE LIVE Services. That includes HD Traffic, which is officially the quickest way through the jams.

  • Avoid delays and route round traffic.
  • Schedule stops smartly around congestion.
  • Get accurate estimated time of arrivals that take traffic into account.
  • Find the best truck stops en route with TomTom Places.
  • Drive safely with fixed and mobile camera warnings.
    TomTom TRUCKER 6000- 2015 Model


Your drivers are out there on the road every day, so you know that being on the road and getting to your destination can be quite a challenge. Road works, traffic jams, speed cameras... even a short journey can be time-consuming and costly. Now your drivers can drive smarter, every day - wherever they go. TomTom LIVE services offers a real-time connection to the latest route information such as traffic information, etc. straight to the vehicle; saving your business and your workforce time, money and stress.

HD Traffic

HD Traffic is a LIVE service that provides accurate traffic updates for motorways, major and minor roads. It's simply the best traffic service available. It also gives you detailed incident reports, estimated delay times and alternative route proposals. So no matter what problems your drivers face on the road, HD Traffic will find a way around them.

Start your journey faster with TomTom QuickGPSfix™

This clever service speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position, helping you to set off within 30 seconds - even when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked.

12 months free Speed Camera updates

The TomTom Speed Cameras service alerts drivers to the location of 25,000 fixed speed cameras stationed across Europe and any mobile speed cameras along the way. When your drivers know for sure there's a camera up ahead, they'll drive more safely and avoid speeding fines. Which is good news for them, and excellent news for your business.


TomTom Places helps drivers find whatever they're looking for, wherever they happen to be. Just type in any search word and the TomTom application will list all the hits in the local area, including the approximate distance from your present location. Select the one you want and the TomTom PRO will take you there. Simple.


TomTom Weather gives you local daily and five-day forecasts on your TomTom device, helping you make plans based on the weather. You can also find out about road conditions to make sure you get to where you're going safely.

TomTom is powered by Tele Atlas Quality Maps

Tele Atlas Quality MapsTele Atlas is a leading worldwide map data provider for personal navigation solutions. In a rapidly expanding industry and changing world, Tele Atlas continuously produces rich, fresh and accurate quality maps. Tele Atlas brand promise: find more, reflects how we see a world where people do not just want to move from A to B, but want to find interesting things and places on the way: restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, museums and so on. It's not about just guiding users to destinations but also helping them easily find the people, places and products that interest them the most.

Full Specifications

Technical specification

Battery Life Up to 2 hours autonomous operation
SD slot Yes, microSD
Internal memory 16 GB internal flash memory
Screen size 5" Screen
Screen type 16:9 Capacitive widescreen
Screen resolution WQVGA (480 x 272 pixels)
Device Size 14.45 x 9.05 x 2.22 cm
Device Weight 235 grams
Map Coverage All EU countries EU 45, 22x EU Countries for Truck Attributes
Connectivity GSM/GPRS (900 & 1900) & SIM included - This device has No Bluetooth capability

What’s in the box

• TomTom Trucker 5000 device
• Click & Go Mount
• Adhesive Disk
• Car charger & USB cable for computer
• Documentation

Supported languages*

User interface languages Afrikaans Malay Portuguese Brazil
Catalan Croatian Czech
Danish Dutch Estonian
Finnish Flemish French
German Greek Hungarian
Spanish International Italian Latvian
Lithuanian Norwegian Polish
Portuguese Russian Slovakian
Slovenian Spanish Swedish
Turkish UK English US English

Spoken navigation languages Bulgarian Chinese Cantonese Catalan
Croatian Czech Danish
Dutch Dutch Belgium English AU
English New Zealand UK English US English
Spanish Argentina/Latin Spanish Chile Mexican Spanish
Spanish Estonian Finnish
French German Greek
Japanese Hakka Haklo
Hungarian Irish English Italian
Latvian Lithuanian Malay
Chinese Mandarin Mandarin (Taiwan) Norwegian
Polish Portuguese Brazil Portuguese
Romanian Russian Serbian
Shanghainese Slovakian Afrikaans
Swedish Thai Turkish

Spoken street names languages Portuguese Brazil Canadian French Dutch
French German Italian
Mexican Spanish Portuguese Spanish
UK English US English

Voice Command languages Canadian French Dutch French
German Italian Portuguese
Spanish UK English US English

Whats in the Box?

Technical specificationTomTom 5000 Trucker ProTomTom 5000 Trucker Disc mount
TomTom 5000 Trucker Cigar lead/ update
TomTom 5000 Trucker Mount
TomTom 5000 Trucker Documents

TomTom Authorised Supplier
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