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TomTom Go 7000 - Caravan/Motorhome Edition

TomTom Go 7000 Truck Navigation

The TomTom 7000 Caravan/Motorhome Edition Navigation Free POI supplied by TVG

Designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles, the 7000 Truck/Caravan edition, brings the latest navigation innovations so you can drive your business forward.
TomTom Go 7000 Caravan/Motorhome edition -

TomTom No longer do a Caravan Version, We would now recommend you looking at the Garmin 660LMT D Caravan & Camper Version Here

**TomTom Counterfeit Products Warning Please Read
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Whats new in the TomTom Caravan/Motorhome

In addition to setting the GO Truck in Truck mode for your Caravan or Motorhome, including length, Width, Height and Weight, The Caravan and Motorhome Edition, has Points of Interest preloaded for over 12,700 Campsite throughout the UK and Europe.

Countries included: are Belgium, Eire, England, France, Germany, Holland, Isle of Wight, Italy Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and Wales, including Caravan Club sites, with Certified Locations and Caravan and Camping Club sites with Certified Campsites.

In addition to the campsites for the UK there are over 36,300 Camping Essentials POI supplied by TVG
Bakers Shops (2885)
Banks (1786)
Camping Equipment Suppliers (656)
Doctors (2953)
Farm Shops and Pick Your Own Produce (194)
Fish and Chip Shops (3606)
Golf Courses and Clubs (2055)
Hospitals (1388)
Newsagents (3580)
Petrol Filling Stations (2955)
Public Houses, Bars and Inns (3895)
A whole host of different Restaurant types (10,251)
Supermarkets (2776)
With TomTom WORK, it is.
TomTom WORK uses smarter navigation to plan better routes for your drivers. They are less likely to get stuck, delayed or drive unnecessary distances – meaning efficient journeys and accurate scheduling.

Save Time & Money by taking the smartest route

TomTom Go 7000 Truck NavigationThe 7000 Truck/Caravan edition gets you to your destination the smart way. No matter whether your drivers are at home or
abroad, TomTom WORK takes into account:
• the lower speeds of trucks on all roads
• sharp angles that trucks find difficult
• that trucks prefer left turns to right turns, for safety
• access restrictions for trucks based on weight and dimensions
Dimensional and weight restrictions are currently available
on the major and interconnecting roads in Austria, Belgium,
France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the Great Britain. With the GO 7000 TRUCK delays are minimal and your drivers avoid clocking up excessive mileages due to unexpected restrictions.
Make your own map corrections**
Block streets for trucks
* Height
* Length
* Width
* Weight
* Weight per axle
* Load restriction

Designed for Commercial Applications - Better Service

Designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles, the TomTom GO 7000 Truck/Caravan edition brings the latest navigation innovations so you can drive your business forward. Including TomTom Map Share technology, theTomTom Go 7000 Truck Navigation 7000 Truck/Caravan edition allows drivers to make instant updates to their maps and to share these updates with the online TomTom community. The device also features new Map Share functionality, which allows truck drivers to make
corrections to their map by adding or changing access restrictions for roads based on dimension and weight. No one likes waiting for a delivery. With truck navigation you can give your customers a far more realistic arrival time based on maximum allowed speed. Taking access restrictions into your planning avoids last minute changes and detours. The result? Less stressed drivers and happier customers.
Arrive on time by avoiding unnecessary delays
Provide a realistic ETA on real measured speeds and maximum allowed speed for your vehicle

Keep Drivers safe too

Driving with a navigation device is safer as it takes the stress out
of route-finding and allows your drivers to focus on the road ahead.
The more advanced features of TomTom WORK also mean your
drivers will be able to:
avoid areas where the size of their vehicle
might make manoeuvring hazardous
comply with local regulations on route
However, always pay attention to traffic signs relating to the
vehicle’s dimensions and weight.

HD Traffic Warning, Active Re-Route and Time Sensitive Routing*

In addition to TomTom Map Share technology, the The TomTom GO 7000 Truck includes HD Traffic and LIVE services for real-time traffic information (*subscription to TomTom WEBFLEET and installation of TomTom LINK 300 required), as well as IQ Routes technology for accurate routing and arrival time estimates. With the latest features onboard, the TomTom GO 7000 truck is ready for the requirements of professional drivers.

Latest Map Guarantee

The TomTom GO 7000 Truck maps.
Up to 15% of roads change during the year but so do our maps.
With TomTom Map Share you benefit from corrections made by
yourself and others. You can add height and weight restrictions
to streets or block a road completely for trucks.

Maps of UK and Europe (42 countries)

Featuring the most recent street level maps of Western and Central Europe, you can navigate with ease to one of many European destinations with a simple tap of the screen.

IQ Routes Technology

The TomTom GO 7000 Truck features TomTom’s unique IQ Routes technology for efficient route calculation. Based on historical travel time information for every road, rather than the traditional static measure of maximum speed per road type, the TomTom GO 7000 Truck provides a more accurate measure of journey time. By calculating routes based in this manner, your TomTom sat nav can select the optimal route, saving significant time and lowering fuel costs.

TomTom Map Share

TomTom’s unique Map Share technology enhances your navigation experience, because you can now make instant changes directly on your map. You can also benefit from the thousands of corrections made by TomTom users every day with access to the most recent user changes from the TomTom Map Share database. Plus, with new TomTom Truck Map Share functionality, truck drivers can also make corrections to their map by adding or changing access restrictions for roads based on dimension and weight.

Driver Safety

Equipped with text-to-speech and voice address input, the TomTom GO 7000 Truck increases driver safety by reducing the frequency with which drivers need to look at the display during the journey. Also featuring a Help-me menu and hands-free calling, the TomTom GO 7000 Truck further increases driver safety.

The smartest route

When calculating the best route, the TomTom GO 7000 Truck takes the special needs of large vehicles into account. It delivers routes that favour major roads, avoid sharp turns and reflect the lower speeds that trucks typically travel. This means that truckers can avoid small town roads and narrow residential areas where possible. The routing also takes access route restrictions into consideration when the driver enters dimensions and weight in the personal truck profile.

Ready for business

The TomTom GO 7000 Truck is ideal for professional drivers operating in a commercial vehicle feet. Used in combination with LINK 300 and a subscription to TomTom WEBFLEET®, the driver can easily report on business mileage and receive destination addresses and orders on their device. HD Traffic™ and other LIVE Services* ensure drivers receive current real-time traffic information, as well as reports about delays and suggestions on alternative route suggestions. HD Traffic coupled with TomTom IQ Routes™ ensures the best route and provides the most accurate arrival times.

TomTom is powered by Tele Atlas Quality Maps

Tele Atlas Quality MapsTele Atlas is a leading worldwide map data provider for personal navigation solutions. In a rapidly expanding industry and changing world, Tele Atlas continuously produces rich, fresh and accurate quality maps. Tele Atlas brand promise: find more, reflects how we see a world where people do not just want to move from A to B, but want to find interesting things and places on the way: restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, museums and so on. It's not about just guiding users to destinations but also helping them easily find the people, places and products that interest them the most.

Full Feature List

* Plug & GO: No installation needed, works straight out of the box.
* Portable: Easy to take from car to car.
* Easy to operate: Large touchscreen & latest version of TomTom's award-winning, user-friendly software.
* Voice address input: Enter your destination by simply announcing the address. No need to touch the screen.
* Light sensor: Screen adjusts itself to different light circumstances, ensuring maximum visibility, night or day.
* Anti-glare screen: Always gives an optimal view, even in direct sunlight.
* Car speed linked volume: Built-in microphone notes the noise level in the car and adjusts the volume of voice instructions accordingly.
* Route choice: Plan your route to fit your requirements, such as: quickest, shortest, avoiding toll roads and congestion charge areas, by required arrival time, etc.
* Navigation by order: Receive new jobs with written order information. Use the order destination- coordinates for navigation and report the order workflow to the office.
* Itinerary planning: Programme in the schedule of places you want to visit before you leave the house.
* Fast re-routing: Miss a turn or instruction and your TomTom GO instantly recalculates your route from your current location.
* Points of Interest: Café, car park, cinema or petrol station. 1000's of POI's pre-installed. Search by proximity to current location, on your route, near a specific city, etc.
* IQ-Routes: Take the smartest route at any time of the day using real average speeds measured on roads. This provides your drivers the smartest.
* Map Share: Correct the map on your TomTom navigation device and benefit from others' corrections. Get daily map changes from the TomTom community.
* Clear & accurate spoken and visual instructions: Easy to follow, calm instructions given with plenty of notice mean that you can focus on your driving.
* Realistic visual instructions: Visuals on your GO replicate road signs, making them easier to follow.
* Speeding alert: Alerts you that you're speeding, even if you're not in navigation mode.
* Compass: Displays compass on screen, for even better orientation.
* Advanced Lane Guidance: Extra clarity for your drivers when navigating difficult junctions. Realistic 3D representation shows clearly which lane to take at junctions to not miss turnings.
* Hands-free car kit: TomTom GO doubles as a hands-free car kit using Bluetooth™ technology. So you can make & receive calls as you drive via your touchscreen.
* High quality connection: Echo cancellation and noise reduction give you excellent sound quality.
* Automatic pick-up: Can automatically answer your phone calls, for improved safety and comfort.
* Bluetooth™ connectivity: Connect your TomTom GO to your mobile phone, headset, car speakers or headphones hassle-free with Bluetooth™ technology.

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